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Elephant Rocks State Park

Driving time from the DragonFly-In:  10 minutes

Among the many nearby geologic attractions in Missouri’s ancient granite St. Francois Mountains, the most curious is the herd of ponderous pink pachyderms in Elephant Rocks State Park.  Here, over time, weather and water have sculpted a vast outcrop more than a billion years old into massive rounded behemoths. 

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Many of the elephant rocks are within the 7-acre Elephant Rocks Natural Area.  The largest of the herd, Dumbo the patriarch, stands 27 feet tall and measures 35 feet long by 17 feet wide, tipping the scales at a hefty 680 tons.  Dumbo and the rest of the herd stand end-to-end like a petrified train of circus elephants, marching across an expansive bare granite bald.

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