Near Saint Louis bed and breakfast

About Us

Innkeeper Names: 
Linda McHenry (Owner/Innkeeper) for the DragonFly~In 86 acre property.

DragonFly~In:  Linda chose the name because the dragonfly is the symbol of lovers and new beginnings. "Here at the inn we have a wide variety of dragonflies and other wildlife for our guests to view. It is the perfect place for nature lovers, bird-watchers, stargazers and outdoor enthusiast of all kinds."

Background:  Linda is a mother of two and retired teacher. "My daughter, recently married, has now flown the coup and my son is a business major at MIZZOU who still requires a lot of guidance even if he thinks he doesn't."

Education:  Linda has a degree in elementary education with an art minor. "I have a wide variety of life experiences that has led me to capitalize on finding an ancillary profession. A profession I hope will help me realize my personal potential to "find what really matters"."

Professions: Linda has taught elementary grades 5,1, and 3 for twelve years in the Lesterville and Arcadia school districts, raised 2 beautiful and talented children, worked as a county treasurer, and managed a dental office since moving to The Arcadia Valley in 1979.

Interests:  Linda loves to hike, bike, leisure boat and kayak some whitewater, jog, downhill and cross country ski.




Hours: Mon-Sun
8:00am - 9:00pm